Native Social Media App

There is a significant amount of discussion on the web regarding native vs. web vs. hybrid apps.  Here is an interesting one.  Here is another one.  This one discusses Uber and Instagram.   A couple of these discussions are oldish, so things may have changed.  For the record, here is a definition of terms: Native App: […]

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Server-Side C++

The late, great Dennis Ritchie once famously quipped, “C has the power of assembly language and the convenience of … assembly language.”   I will leave a discussion of the genius of Dennis Ritchie and his manifold contribution to the world of computing for another time.  My point today is to muse somewhat on why back-end[…]

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ZipZap 2.0

We’re excited to release an all-new, completely re-written version of ZipZap to the iTunes App Store.  We took the idea of our filtering browser to a whole new level.  A description of the improvements in this new version is extensive, but they fall into three major categories:  feature, performance, and usability enhancements. Feature improvements are[…]