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Why There Is Nothing Like The ZipZap Browser
Go to Blocks Ads

Blocks Ads

Ads on web pages are annoying and they take a long time to load. They also suck your data for no good reason. ZipZap blocks many ads on most websites. This makes your mobile browsing experience much faster and less frustrating. You can also allow ads on a per-site basis.

Go to Tabbed Browsing

Tabbed Browsing

ZipZap supports multiple tabs so that you can have concurrent browsing sessions open at the same time. This is a useful feature if you need to find a phone number while you’re reading the news or checking Facebook, and you don’t want to lose your place.

Go to Blocks Adult Sites

Blocks Adult Sites

The internet is awesome, but there is way too much adult material, particularly if you have kids. ZipZap blocks over a million adult sites for free, right out of the box. Sites can be added to the blacklist through an intuitive in-App interface.

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Improved Performance

ZipZap has been completely re-written to improve speed and usability. It now uses the WebKit rendering engine — the same engine used by many of the most popular web browsers, including Safari and Chrome.

The ZipZap Browser Story
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About the ZipZap Browser

The ZipZap Web Browser story started almost 10 years ago, when we were frustrated by our browsing experience. Of course back then, the experience was marred more by pop-up ads on the the desktop than by slow web pages on the iPhone. Then as now, the profusion of website ads and adult material made internet browsing an annoying and potentially hazerdous undertaking, espcially for kids.

After trying everything that was available to make the experience smoother, we decided to roll our own browser. Our previous efforts (ZipZap 1.0 and 2.0) provided us with a loyal user base and with significant product feedback. We have incorporated much of that feedback into ZipZap 3.0, a product that we believe is superior in every way. We invite you to try ZipZap for yourself. It's free, and we think you'll find it to be quite useful.

  • Blocks Over 100 Of the Most Common Ad Servers

  • Blocks Over 1 Million Adult Sites

  • Browse With Unlimited Tabs

  • Much Faster Than ZipZap 2.0

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