ZipZap Streams Beta

Today we are kicking off the beta test of for ZipZap Streams™.  As the dad of five kids, I have been challenged and perplexed over the years.  In the early years of the internet, the medium was primarily consumer focused, i.e. used mostly for browsing.  Today it is much more than that, and I daresay that the interactive aspect of the internet (through social media) is a more significant aspect in the lives of most kids and teenagers.  When we started ZipZap, our intent was to clean up the internet for kids as they browsed, so that they could take advantage of the all the manifold benefits of the internet without the being subjected to the seedy side.  That function is still of key importance.  However, it is very hard to scroll through Twitter or Instagram without being subjected to some of the same offensive content.

That is why we are developing ZipZap Streams™.  Streams will allow ZipZap users to share links to their favorite interests, much like on Tumblr, while also sharing pictures with friends, pictures of vacations, etc.  We have striven to make this function as intuitive and powerful as possible, and I’m excited about the future as we continue to clean up the internet experience while providing the best browsing and social media software available anywhere.

To make this dream a reality, we need your help.  We kicked off our Streams Beta test today, and we are eager to the early adopter feedback.  The current implementation is by no means complete, but it is complete enough to get an idea of how it is intended to work, and to provide early feedback.  Specifically, users can now create accounts, create streams, and post to their streams.  They cannot yet find friends on ZipZap.  That function should be coming soon.

If you are interested in helping to make ZipZap be as good as it can be, please shoot me an email at  We’ll get you the information that you need to get started.

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