Ad Blocking Software – It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

It’s funny how you seem to get old over night.  One minute you’re sitting in your intro to C class trying to figure out what programming is all about, and the next minute you’re ringing in your 40th with a new App release.  Some things (like Whisky and C++) just get better with time.  Many Read more about Ad Blocking Software – It’s Deja Vu All Over Again[…]

Distributed Database Design

The first iteration of of the ZipZap backend ran off of a single LAMP (P for Python) server, running a single instance of MySQL.  This configuration worked fine for the relatively modest role that the database played in the system.  However, with the upcoming emphasis on social media, the ZipZap backend had to be redesigned from Read more about Distributed Database Design[…]

ZipZap 2.0

We’re excited to release an all-new, completely re-written version of ZipZap to the iTunes App Store.  We took the idea of our filtering browser to a whole new level.  A description of the improvements in this new version is extensive, but they fall into three major categories:  feature, performance, and usability enhancements. Feature improvements are Read more about ZipZap 2.0[…]